Friday, June 18, 2010

I Am Eve

She took her stance in the middle of the first garden.

The teasing tree shielded her from the watchful sky, his watchful eye.

The leaves hissed her closer but the wind sat steadfast.

Her hand stretched upward reaching for her downfall.

Fingers brushed the heaven sent fruit,

a fruit that was flavored by knowledge and truth.

She had been blinded by evil desire.

She stretched

fingers spread like spider legs,

fingers ready to take

The sphere was shaped for her palm.

Lust brought her lips to kissing

the forbidden fruit before biting deeply.

Bitter remorse seeped down to her core.

Sour disgrace stained her lips.

The sun peaked through the branch-

Caught, Spotted, seen.

The fruit, the betrayer fell from her touch

She took back her place in the middle of the first garden


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