Friday, October 8, 2010

Glow In the Dark Stars

They light up the dark and become the most beautiful thing in the night’s darkness. Solo they are just but a dim glimpse of an illuminated spec, but together they triumph over darkness with their strong shining might. I admired the glow in the dark stars from the rooms of my friends. I remember drifting off to sleep as I gazed at their beauty.

I’m enchanted by how you can have stars so close within your reach. You can actually reach for the stars and then have them at your finger tips. I was jealous that my friends had such wonder staring down on them at night, watching over them as they slept and lighting up their darkness.

I never got glow in the dark stars for myself because my parents did not relish the idea of some “thing” sticking to our ceiling. They were not just some “thing” to me. To me they represented and still represent a wondrous way to grasp the stars. To reach and to obtain.