Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reason:searched and found

God is the reason I write.
Me pen is the fork that allows me to devour every detail of his splendor

God is the reason I love
He loves harder, faster, unconditionally more than could be understood

God is the reason my faith lives
my faith had fallen ill to the fears of this world
but has been revived by the truth of his words

God is my answer
to every question that is too old for me

God is the reason for my beauty
It's like faith
I may not see it but because he says it's there
beauty is there

And God is the reason I wait
One day descending
this curious sky will be understood
with the rescue, the reunion
the ending married to the beginning
the sky will make way for a transcendent ceiling
ceiling of eternal award and a life that is forever lived
in the arms of my God, master, father

God is the reason I write
my written dreams come true
the possibilities are traced endlessly

Careful, every man's dream is different
but every purpose is the same
And the destination is clear even when the road is not

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